met this guy on grindr and we both decided to meet up. i went to his room at a hotel and he was watching tv. he said, “do whatever you want.” so while he continued watching tv, i lifted the covers and started sucking his dick. it was so good and so big. after a while my asshole was itching to be breeded so i told him, “let me ride on your cock” after lubing him up i sat on him reverse cowboy style and started bouncing like my life depended on it. he was big and i felt him so deep im getting hard thinking about it. i begged him to fuck me so he bent me over and fucked me doggy style. eventually he came inside me and we went our separate ways.

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love making big muscle boys bitch out- show ‘em who their daddy is. 

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I'm sorry to hear you live in poverty.


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i almost have as many followers as my monthly salary who wants to guess how much

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